Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lee Myung bek throws in the 'Cheonan' towel

There is no way to fly over nor swim under the importance of South Korea's president Lee Myung bek's abandoning his insistent call on North Korea to apologise for sinking the corvette 'Cheonan' in March 2010.
The sparkle had gone out of the propaganda war that he and America's Obama administration waged with vigor and much fanfare in the global arena.
GuamDiary has long commented on the US' and South Korea's attempt to strong arm the UN Security Council to condemn North Korea for torpedoing the 'Cheonan', which Pyongyang steadfastly denied.
Guam Diary in broad strokes questioned the case that Seoul and Washington presented:
the lack of transparency, the unanswered questions and holes in the logic of their brief, their unwillingness to immediately issue their full findings on the sunken vessel, their donning the cloak of 'national security' to skirt broader enquiry, and the unwillingness of a Norwegian expert to sign the report of experts, so and on.
GuamDiary raised other doubts: the drunkenness of the 'Cheonan's' officers at the time of the accident during which 46 crew lost their lives. And the statement by former US ambassador to Seoul Donald Gregg who thought that the Russians had it right in saying that the corvette itself churned up a dormant torpedo--a torpedo which may have lain at the ocean's bottom if not from world war 2 but certainly from the Korean War--as the 'Cheonan' ventured dangerously close to North Korean territorial waters.
Now, Mr. Lee has cried 'Uncle!' He's given up. He does not expect North Korea to apologise for a 'scenario of guilt and blame' it has never stopped rejecting as 'sheer fabrication'. [Even though Pyongyang was willing to send a delegation to Seoul to investigate South Korea's evidence, Mr. Lee demurred. In addition, the North issued its own dossier on the incident which no one in the international media bothered to read let alone [....]
To wipe the egg off his face, Mr. Lee hides behind the pious words that he is doing this in the interest of restoring dialogue with the North, for he has detected a good degree of sincerity in Pyongyang's present behaviour. All said and done, it is his way of sugaring the pill of defeat.

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