Wednesday, November 24, 2010

President Obama responds to North Korea's shelling

Barack Obama is sending the US aircraft carrier, the 'George Washington', into the NLL [Norther Limited Line] as a show of force and support for South Korea's Lee Myung bek.
Additionally, it is bruited that for the first time in 20 years, he will introduce again nuclear weapons into South Korea.
It becomes more and more obvious that the war party is in control of US Korea policy. By taking such steps, Mr. Obama, who is hardly known for grit and good management, has embarked on a slippery slop which could result on reheating the frozen Korea War.
The US media has been pounding the war drums, too. Consider the Pentagon's favourite 'New York Times' correspondent, David Sanger. His articles mimic the Obama position and conveniently omits mentioning that along the NLL, joint US and South Korean military exercises using live ammunition had been taking place, or that North Korea had issued a warning that if any shell fell on its territory on land or sea, it would respond or that Yeonpyeong island is the home of a South Korean military installation.
The American president's decision to up the military ante is yet another example of the bankruptcy of the US' policy towards North Korea.
The usual talking heads of America's North Korea clericy have taken to the airways. They fulminate and speculate and tirelessly regurgitate the same old tired hoary analyses and half truths.
The game is stacked for no one will hear another side unless he or she surfs the foreign press or listens on the web Korea watchers who tell another narrative.
And GuamDiary watches the Obama administration's vain attempt to get its way. It is not, and in the face of its own decisions which are limiting the scope of its options, we have everything to fear.

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