Thursday, December 15, 2011

US leaves Iraq militarily but leaves a light on

No matter how much spin Barack Obama puts on the 'stupid war' GW Bush & co. visited on Iraq, he cannot escape the fact that it was the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place. In four words it best can be summed up: it was a colossal failure.
It weakened the US militarily, economically, and what's more corrupted its 'democratic' soul. Today's 'New York Times' tells a horror story of the degenerate and dehumanising behaviour of American troops [and hired mercenaries], based on documents which the departing US military threw away for dashing for an early exit.
Accounts of the no holds bared interrogations, torture, and violent death of innocent Iraqi civilians, in the name of a civilising mission which was anything but high minded or refined or morally elevating. They are testimony to rise of a mercenary state, a terrorist state that tarted up in the language of hype and spin and in this year end holiday season of wet dreams of sugar and spice and everything nice.
Obama's welcoming home the troops is an example of 'I am alright Jack!'. A cheer for a job well done and all that jazz.
Yet the US leaves behind an embassy fortified by the presence of 16.000 Hessians motived by private gain and fat salaries the impoverish US man on the street without work and a prayer of ever finding one has to sustain and support. And for what? To tart up a botched failure of a war and to protect access to Iraqi oil and maintain an imperial presence in the Arab world which will further bankrupt America.
Let's face it: America's imperial Rome aspirations and pretensions are unsustainable as the country teetered on the rim of depression. The US' need to dominate is not so surprising mimicking Hitler's policy of 'gleichanshaltung', a policy of imposing a tightly coordinated and no wiggle room totalitarian rule on all aspects of American society. Consider the trampling of the Bill of Rights [which today are 220 years old!], the enacting of the Bourbon kings' 'lettres de cachet' whereby any American can be thrown into the slammer for good and with the key to his cell thrown into the drink.
Such are the dire consequences of the demands of US corporatism!

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