Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Empty headed thoughts of two North Korean watchers

The sudden death of Kim Jong il has provided us with an orgy of mindless commentary.
The PBS nightly news hour on Monday 19 December 2011, which boasts that it is the best American news hour in the US, invited two of the 'best and the brightest' of the US North Korean clerisy: Jennifer Lind, professor of government at Dartmouth with ties to the department of defence and CIA-linked Rand Corporation, and the old war horse Dr. Victor Cha.
Lind is a 'Barbie Doll', who wound up will spout the same old tired, hoary speech that Americans have heard about North Korea for a half century or more. She's pretty, smiles, and pouts occasionally but the best that she who dwells on national security matters could come up with was a not so smooth rehash of the what the 'New York Times' lead stories on the demise of Kim Jong il and the scant noise the press could cull on his heir apparent and youngest son Kim Jong un. Her incite on the 'little general', I hear he likes American style basketball...a line straight out of a press release.
Victor Cha has gone to North Korea any number of times and often as part of official White House delegations. Fluent in Korean, you would think that he would know the lay of the land better. Wrong! He let flow the usual psychobabble on the army crushing the young Kim [Wait till after the burial!] when indications in the foreign press point to a settlement on Kim Jong un as his father's successor! So much for a Johnny on the spot observations. Why then should Cha extend himself? His reputation and livelihood are tied to the apron strings of the US government and conservative interests that fund him.
As for the PBS News Hour, they are hardly adventurous: they continue to draw from a list of hired hands who won't depart from the script.
Which leads GuamDiary to conclude with a lead headline on the 'NYT' online paper: 'In Kim's Death, an Extensive Intelligence Failure'. And that bout sums it up for the millions of taxpayer dollars that go into sustaining, maintaining, and training a vacuous class of US North Korean clerisy!

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