Friday, December 16, 2011

More on Zionist fundamentalism

Egypt's Salifists have nothing over Jewish fundamentalists living illegally on occupied Palestinian West Bank in trashing a religion they hate. In Egypt, the Copts are the target; in occupied Palestine, its the Arabs Muslims or Christians.
Lately the Jewish extremists trashed and defaced a mosque in Ramallah. 'Bibi' Netenyahu's government could only come up with 'crazy' to explain what had happened.
The explanation is not good enough: it is owing to the Zionist state core beliefs that foster and encourage Jewish extremism in the hopes of driving Arabs off their land so that a 'greater Isreal' will come into being from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River. No rocket science here.
Like it or not, Zionism takes a leaf out imperialist expansion of the 19 century; it is root and branch founded in racialism which the Jews found themselves victims in Hitler's plans of 'lebensraum'. Today, Israel is carrying out its own 'lebensraum' [living space], to clear occupied Palestine of its inhabitants for Jewish settlement.
There is an element of truth in equating Zionism with racism. Netenyahu & co. have much to answer for. Ultimately the spread of Zionist fundamentalism is eroding the very foundations of Zionism in favour of a theocracy based more on politics than religion.
No, the defacing of the mosque in Ramallah is not 'crazy', it is part and parcel of Zionism itself.
One only has to think of the Brooklyn born Baruch Goldstein who with his Uzi to kill and wound the faithful inside the Ibrahim Mosque at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron in 1994.
Goldstein was a follower of Brooklyn born Meir Kahane who elaborated a philosophy which can only best be described as a page out of Nazi ideology. That poison has infected Zionist could it not, the more especially since its wood is cut from the same tree.

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