Thursday, December 15, 2011

Almost 50 percent of Americans are poor or low income

Three cheers for the much abused 'Occupy Wall Street' movement that shone light on the growing inequality in the US.
And now, the latest US Census data not only confirm that assertion but indicate that soon more than half the US population will fall into poverty or diminish income brackets which mean the same thing.
Listening to the dim and delusional Republican candidates jostling for the nod to the Elephant's party's nomination for president in 2012, the poor only have themselves to blame.
Listen to Newt: abolish child labour laws; let the young learn what it means to work! as he feeds high on the hog on lavish government handouts and falls all over himself to please his much young, third wife in bathing in holy water and sucking up to the reactionary Catholic hierarchy.
And then there's Mitt who has experience in running a company: go tell that to the Marines. You bought and sold companies and whistled all the way to the bank with millions whilst you destroyed companies and threw thousands out of work with little to fall back on.
The US is watching the last gasp of the baby boomers who with age have turned to religion and hold tenaciously to privileges they're unwilling to pass on to the next generations. Children of parents who suffered through the Great Depression, they, too, are victims to the balm of the one percent or one tenth of one percent who own a good 40 percent of the country's gross domestic product. And they willing become the plutocrats' cat's paw as they are assailed by an economy that takes no victims unless they are from the ruling class.
Yes. Virginia there is a Santa Claus for the rich but not the poor.

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