Sunday, July 17, 2011

Israel suffers a defeat: a French boat sails from Greece to Gaza

You may dispute the use of 'defeat', but the mere fact that 'Dignite/Karama' left the Greek island Kastellorizo on 26 July 2011 heading south....for Gaza has cracked prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu's Likud led government's ham handed pressure on the Greek government to stop the 10 ship 'Freedom Flotilla 2' from ever leaving Greek ports. The Zionist state had the strong arm of the Obama administration behind it; Greece is in an eocnomic mess, wracked by students and applying draconian budgets impoverishing its own citizens, to save German and US and other EU banks. So it couldn't do anything less but cave into US Israeli pressure to block the Flotilla from challening the Zionist state's illegal blockade of the Gaza strip simply because of its animus against the democratically elected Hamas government which refuses to recognise the Zionist state, in spite of Israeli's blitzkrieg war called 'Cast Lead'.
The Netenyahu government has not shied away from bribery, threats, and sabotage, in order to stop any ship in the Flotilla to sail towards Gaza. Let's not forget in June 2010 in bald violation of international law of the seas and piracy, special Israeli defence forces killed eight Turks and one American of Turkish origin aboard the 'Mavi Mamara'. They boarded other ships in the Peace Flotilla 2010, directing their captains to put into Askalon, a port in Israel, to confiscate the cargo of food, building and medical supplies, and the like, interrogating everyone aboard the ships, impounded cameras, cell phones, and journalists' computers and notes, as well as putting names on a blacklist.
This year, the Israeli military first appealed to the 10 ships to put into Israeli ports, turn over their cargo, which the Zionist authorities would, willy nilly, funnel to Palestinians in Gaza. In other words, the peackniks had to rely on the good will and word of Israel, contrary to its sorry track record. If the Flotilla persisted in challenging Israel's illegal blockade of Gaza, the military will take any means necessary to stop them.
President Obama called on the 50 US participants that honoured him by baptising their boat 'Audacity of Hope', after his second book, to call off sailing for Gaza. Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, astonished everyone by saying if the Israeli military used live fire against the peace ships, they had only themselves to blame; for Israel had the right to defend itself...and here's the rub: on international waters where Israel has no jurisdiction. You've to wonder how stupid and absurdably US policy was wedded to the Zionist state's policy and objectives. In other words, she put the US on the side of 'terrorism' and 'piracy'.
The US 'Audacity of Hope' tried to run Greece's ban to leave port, it was stopped in Greek waters and taken back to its berth. And there it sits.
The French 'Dignite/Karama' has run the ban by sailing from the island of Kastellorizo, far from the Greek mainland, and off the Turkish coast. Ten peaceniks will brave the 'terror' of the Zionist state. Unarmed, they know that they are risking their lives faced with an Israeli military that shots first and asks questions later. Aboard 'Dignite/Karama' is the Israeli journalist Amira of the prestigious 'Haaretz' and a team from al Jazeera television.
Now that 'Dignite/Karama' has sailed, it would not surprise GuamDiary that other 'sequested' ships will follow suit, one by one.
We can imagine the fear that the peaceniks 'chutzpah' puts into the Zionist elite, and the audacity they exhibit by defying the pitiful giant that the superarmed Israel with a nuclear arsenal of 200 over weapons hidden in the Negev.
The peaceniks are not naifs; they have weighed the danger to life and limb in running the illegal Israeli blockade of Israel, with the US supports. Yet, they are bold as brass to say no to the Zionist state bully.
Will the Israeli military act according to script by using live fire? That scenario cannot be discounted judging by past performance.
Like it or not, by sailing out of Kastellorzio, the 10 French passagers with Israeli and al Jazerra journalist abroad, Israel has suffered an existential defeat of important implications.

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