Friday, July 8, 2011

Israel goes from one Pyrrhic victory to another

Through sabotage and cynical propaganda and the heavy hand of the US, Israel has for the moment stalled the sailing of the Peace Flotilla to Gaza in defiance of its illegally imposed blockade by sea of the Gaza Strip after the democratically elected Hamas was elected to govern in 2008.
Israel, too, is hastily mending fences with Turkey, in order to heal the breach with Ankara after its commandos boarded the 'Mavi Mamara' in June 2010, killing eight Turks and one American of Turkish origin. The Zionist state is in a fast forward mode, to deflate the impact of a soon to be released UN report on the Israel attack on last year's Peace Flotilla, in violation of the laws of piracy and the laws of the seas. Israeli commandos killed and wounded unarmed civilians on the high seas a good many kilometres from its own territorial boundaries. In other words, Israel committed terrorism!
Another UN report has gone to the UN Security Council on the use of live fire on unarmed Palestinians refugees in Syria who peacefully jumped Israeli barbed and razor wire to 'reclaim' land that is theirs that Israel has occupied and incorporated since the Six Day War in 1967. The 'tsahal' or IDF [Israel Defense Force] use of live ammo to stop the peaceful protest resulted in killings and many wounded. Israel may claim 'self defence' but that position is hard to sustain owing to the immediate shooting of protesters with the intention to kill, main, and wound. [Will the US veto the report and once again let Israel continue its terrorism?]
And then there is the move to have the UN General Assembly recognise 'de facto' and 'de jure' an independent Palestine, even though it is under 43 years of Israeli occupation. The Zionist state has not only stolen Palestinian land on the West Bank but it has implanted its own settlers in violation of international law, arguing in a bait and switch tone that God gave the land to the Hebrews then known as 'Judea and Sumaria'.
So one way or the other, Israel is being thrown on the ropes, in spite of its protector and pro-consul the US.

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