Saturday, June 12, 2010

Will Poland hand over the 'alleged' Israeli spy involved in the assassination of a member of Hamas?

Israel has never missed an opportunity to blackmail Poland or Germany for the black deeds of theirs, during the destruction of European Jewry during World War 2.
The German weekly 'Der Spiegel' reports that Poland has put the hand of the law on a Uri Brodsky who is alleged to have taken part in the script that led to the deasth of Mahmoud al Mabhouh, a founding member of Hamas' military, in a hotel in Dubai on 20 January 2010.
Israeli spies armed engaged in identity theft had used UK, Irish, French, German, and Australian passports, in all compromising the lives of 26 innocent people in a murder which the cameras of the hotel and aeroport caught on tape without being able to put a true name to.
Now, in Warsaw, Polish authorities have found a strand to unravelling the mystery.
Germany has requested extradition of the spy Brodsky, but will Poland grant the request? That remains the question.
Israel will apply untold pressure to quash the affair. It will not stop from reminding the Poles of their anti Semitism, and the role they played during Hitler's war, even though Poles themselves died in the concentration camp or fought at the Germans or some even risked their lives to hide and save Jews.
But guilt there is a plenty, and it is on Polish territory that Auschwitz lies.
2010 has been a bad year for Israel. The Dubai assassination, the bloody attack on the peace flotilla bringing much need basic supplies denied by the Israeli authorities to the landlocked Gaza strip. Turkey its anchor ally in the Muslim is taking its distance from Israel since the peaceniks on the 'Mavi Marmara' killed were of Turkish nationality.
In the world of arts, Israel's isolation is further darkened by the boycott of big name entertainers and writers who are skipping invitations to Israeli art festivals.
Israel in other words, has become a bugaboo for 'terrorism'.
GuamDiary will not take bets on Poland's handing over Brodsky to Germany. We however will dare to put out feelers that Israel's pro consul the US will try to keep Brodsky safe and sound and out of harm's way, for its client Israel.
If Brodsky ends up in Germany, he will maintain silence and spend years in prison.
His silence will not stop the search for the Israeli agents involved in the al Mabhouh murder.
Although Britain and Australia have expelled Israeli 'diplomats', have they shared the info with other countries whose passports played a part in the assassination?
What is certain, and more pronounced by the passing of each day, Israel has become like the emperor who wore no clothes. After years of deceiving the world's larger public, voices are being raised that Israel is naked and under the light of being exposed for the terrorist state it has become.

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