Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pyongyang responds

Un- or underreported is the DPRK's [Democractic People's Republic of Korea aka North Korea]documentation in response to the 'selected' and 'selective' 150 page report which remains underwraps, issued by the ROK [Republic of Korea aka South Korea]in response to the sinking of its corvette 'Cheonan' in the much disputed waters off the coast of North Korea.
For weeks, the ROK had been orchestrating a savvy propaganda offensive against the DPRK, by pointing the finger of blame on the doorstep the North. Its much edited version leaves much room for doubt, as GuamDiary has previously observed.
GuamDiary asks: Why the quasi total news blackout on the DPRK's documentation? Would it poke its finger in the ROK's much publicised case?
By boycotting the North's documents, and sending it to a media limbo, the ROK's and its handler the US' narrative of events leading to the sinking of the 'Cheonan' hogs the entire playing field. For them, the monopoly of 'evidence' is complete, and no wiggle room is allowed.
For those elephants with a longer memory, it is reasonable to raise such questions and doubt the ROK's conclusions.
Consider the 'tree cutting incident' at the DMZ almost 35 years ago. The US video of the event raised questions. There was heavy editing, and somehow 9 minutes of event got loss on the cutting room floor.
With this example in mind, it is legitimate to ask why the ROK and the US have not confronted and refuted the DPRK's evidence. Pyongyang persists in claiming innoncene.
Again, by burying or avoiding or dismissing the DPRK's assertions of its innocence,GuamDiary continues to see a verdict of reasonable doubt in the South's case.

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