Thursday, June 3, 2010

Netenyahu sniffs glue

Were it possible for Israel's prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu to outdo himself in a display of utter gall, yesterday's ham handed justification of the 'Tsahal' attack on the flotilla of 6 ships bringing much needed humanitarian aid to Gazans, to break the Israeli imposed blockade, takes the cake.
Piracy on the open seas he brushed aside. Israel is we learn a law unto itself, and if that wasn't enough, blockading the legally elected Hamas government in the Gaza Strip, remained of paramount importance to the safety and security of Israel, lest that sliver of Palestinian territory would become a centre of espionage and a military threat and mischief for Iran.
Let's give Netenyahu his day in court: is it possible that a powerful, armed to the teeth country like Israel, with over the top means of defence and a tendancy to go rouge against its Arab neighbours, is so neglient that it can and does allow the minions of its arch enemy Iran breathing space on its borders? Hardly.
Netenyahu's heavy handed defence of the defenceless rationalisation of the IDF's [Israeli Defence Force]operation on the high seas against unarmed ships. His argument challenged the limits of human credulity, and he put forth a case of trumped up charges and the big lie, blaming the death and wounded and forceably seized 'peaceniks' who tried to run Israel's illegal blockage of Gaza.
The prime minister took flight to fancy in a manner you associate with glue sniffers. He was high on his own rhetoric which but for the true believer in Israel as God's chosen instrument, came across as a tale told by an idiot.
As GuamDiary has posited, the Israeli predawn attack against the Mavi Marmara, outfitted by the Turkish Islamic charity IHH, was a warning to Turkey to keep out of Israel's neighbourhood...or else. And that or else, meant murder and wounded on the waters which Israel cannot claim within its own territorial boundary.
Netenyahu was again making a case for Israel's right as 'cock of walk' to do what it will, regardless of consequences, because it is God's chosen instrument! And his God is Israel's protector the US.
And the US has once again come to Israel's rescue in deflecting as much as possible full blame on its piracy on the high sea, as well as calling for a white wash of an investigation controlled and carried out by the perpetrator of murder and mayhem, Israel itself.
Netenyahu is fooling no one, but not everyone is willing to challenge it in the court of public opinion or in a forum where the US can sabotage any legal action against Israel.
Israel has no charmed life however. And it has sown the whirlwind which will sweep it aside, and render it a gelding in the comity of nations. Till then, Netenyahu & co. will trip the light fantastic of their own illusions.

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