Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israel's latest 'snafu'

GuamDiary has on and off kept a commentary on Israel's 'faux pas' in its own cabbage patch.
Now with its commando raid in pirate fashion at night on the open seas on a flotilla of six ships carrying much needed basic materials to the people of Gaza, it has proven that it has lost international credability.
Guns blazing it chose a ship flying the Turkish flag, to attack, leaving at least 10 dead and more injured.
Israel's propaganda arm has been working overtime to control events. Israel's 'tsahal' [IDF or Israeli Defence Force] confiscated cellphones, cameras, notebooks, so that the world media had nothing but its version of what happened. Yet, slowly but surely an opposing and 'truer' narrative of those captured will surface.
Try as Israel might, its own photos tell all--commandos with machine guns blazing sliding down a rope from a heliocopter, opening fire on a group of 'peaceniks'.
Israel's side of the story makes those under attack and defending lives of theirs from live ammo and certain death or severe injury, as the real villains of this piece of political theatre. Wrong!
Israel has branded them with the iron of 'Hamas' or 'Hezbollah' or 'Al Qaeda'. Wrong again!
The victims had the right to self defence just as the heroic Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto!
The worldwide reaction was swift. Condemnation by all but Israel's protector the US, which regretted the loss of life.
Israel has put its proconsul in a tricky situation: it endangers the renewed but indirect dialogue on settling the Palestinian Israeli question; it puts the Obama administration in a position to depart from its script of unqualified support, since fighting two wars against Muslims, Mr. Obama & co. are not in the mood to loose the good will they've fought hard to win among Arabs and Muslims. If they had cooler and more cynical heads, they could sacrifice Israel but for the baggage of the Israel lobby and the more than 60 years of investment in time, money, support, and military hardware. In a word, they're up a creek. How they will paddle down stream will prove difficult to say the least.
Turkey has denounced Israel's actions in the UN Security Council; it has recalled its ambassador to Tel Aviv; even its own opposition parties have thrown support behind the Erdogan government.
Israel blatantly couldn't give a fig. For them, the murder and mayhem on the high seas is a warning to those in its neighbourhood, stretching from Turkey and Iran to Morocco, the message is simple and clear. Don't mess with us. If you do, you are going to pay with loss of limb if not life.
This time the backmail may not work!

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