Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Netenyahu strikes a Jehovah like pose

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netenyahu spoke like Jehovah before the Beth Kenesset [parliament]. Casting thunderbolts of scorn and disdain at the findings of the Goldstone report, he vowed that not one Israeli is going to be tried for crimes of war which Israel's 21 day 'blitzkrieg' visited on the population of Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009. South African jurist Richard Goldstone, a Jew and a Zionist, commissioneds by the UN Human Rights Commission, issued a report on war crimes committed during the war in Gaza. His conclusions did not exempt Hamas from guilt, but they did point the finger of condemnation on the overwhelming blame of the Israeli army. The 'tsuhal' or Israeli Defense Force overwhelming targeted the Palestinian civilian population and the Gaza strips infrastructure as prime targets, resulting in at least 1400 dead, children, women, and men, an even higher number of wounded, but hardly delivering the 'knockout blow' to the ostensible object of the war--Hamas.
The war brought into out living rooms thanks to the media, did Israel more moral harm than Netenyahu can imagine. The iconic halo that Israel wears on with arrogance, may be tarnished beyond saving in the eyes of the world. Even its stout defenders began questioning Israel's motives.
And Netenyahu resorted to Israel's damage control, for the Goldstone report documents Israel's brutality against Gaza in a war conducted as an exercise in 'collective guilt' which contravenes norms of international law. He couldn't act otherwise. He poured hot bile on the report's findings and recommendations that Israel be brought before the international court of justice for crimes of war. He cast Israel's responsibility on the shoulders of Hamas, for launching home made rockets after Israel, to break an Israeli strangehold on the economic and social life of Gazans, with the view of reducing the will of resistance throw slow starvation. He preaches the valour of Israel's democracy which keeps its own Arab citizens in second class status, and in its 42 year occupation of the west bank continues to steal Palestinian land for settlers thereby fulfilling the Zionist goal of an Israeli state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river; the Arab owners of the land properly dispossessed and abandoned to tight little islands in Bantustans, killing any hope of an independent Palestine.
Netenyahu's boasts won't win him more friends, but more likely than not turn Israel into a pariah state, in pursuit of a dream which as Guam Diary suggests, means the end of Zionism and the fall of any purely Jewish state

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