Friday, October 16, 2009

Israel stews in a broth of its own making

Israel is getting a taste of its own medicine.
Today [16 October 2009], the UN Human Rights Commission voted to send the findings of Goldstone report on Israel's 21 day war on Gaza, to the Security Council for consideration and action. A setback for the Netenyahu right wing government, and for the Obama administration, a dilemma, the more especially since the US will no doubt exercise its veto, thereby running the risk of damaging mending fences with the Arab and Muslim world which Mr. Obama [BHO] puht on track with his speech in Cairo.
Now, Israel's longstanding ties with Turkey are loosening. And Israel's blitzkrieg of a war 60in Gaza which targeted Gaza's civil population and infrastructure as a means of getting back at the Hamas government, and as such, as an martial exercise in 'collective guilt', a blatant violation of international law, which Jerusalem whimsically uses selectively and for its own purposes.
Turkey has cooperated with Israel almost from its founding 60 years ago. Military, economic, and diplomatic relations have withstood the turbulent wars Israel waged against Palestinians and its Arab neighbours. With the rise of renewed Muslim sensibility in secular Turkey, these ties began fraying.
It became noticeable at the 2008 Davos economic summit, when Turkish prime minister Erdogan criticised Israel's preemptive war in Gaza. Sharing the stage with Mr. Erdogan was Israeli president Shimon Peres who proceeded not only to rebuke the Turkish premier, but in a snit began shouting at him, which resulted in Mr. Erdogan stomping off the platform, as Mr. Peres continued his rantings.
Afterwards the Israeli president realising his mistake, apologised in the hope that Turkey would overlook Mr. Peres' display of diplomatic bad manners. Turkey obliged. And relations, it seemed, take on their normal pattern until Israel again ruffled Anakara's feather, and yes, the sting was Gaza. For on a visit of the Turkish foreign minister to Israel, the Likud government denied his request to visit the Gaza strip.
Israel's over the top war against Palestinians in Gaza, left Jerusalem with two black eyes. The unwarranted and seeming targeting and killing and maiming its civil population and deliberate bombing of roads, schools, mosques, churches, and hospitals, has won Israel few friends. And the 'tsuhal's' [Israeli Defence Force] brutality has turned a friendly Turkey into a critic. Denying a top government minister access to Gaza simply reopened the rift between Ankara and Jerusalem.
The upshot was immediate. Turkey canceled joint military exercises with the Israeli air. force.
And if that were not a wake up call for Israel, on Turkish television a documentary on the war in Gaza with a distinctly anti Israeli cast. Of course, Jerusalem presented its protests to the acting Turkish ambassador. It says something that Turkey has no appointed ambassador d to Israel: further proof of rapidly cooling of relations between Ankara and Jerusalem.
Consider the charm offense Israeli former and current diplomats, spy masters, and high officials, and spokesmen and women in the international media, to defend Israel against its own actions, especially during the war in Gaza, in particular, and its illegal land grabbing of land and bare knuckled treatment of Palestinians in the Israeli 42 year occupation of the west bank. Two examples will suffice here a BBC interview with a top ranking former diplomat which thanks to the spot on grilling of the broadcaster poked holes in Israel's oft recited script of blaming the victim the Gazans. The other: the PBS programme host Charlie Rose whose nightly transmissions enjoy a global audience. His guest another top Israeli official who presented a convoluted, long winded defence against the Goldstone report and for Israel, a limp boosterism for the right of his country to attack Gaza and its civilian population, saying more than less that every house, school, hospital, religious institution was a valid target since it housed rockets, which but on the basis of Israeli propaganda existed but never independently verified.
The US will shield, to the detriment of its own wider national interests, its client Israel. Israel is now more than ever thrown on the ropes of growing international criticism and isolation. The fault lies not in Israel's enemies, but in the nature of Israeli arrogance and belief that it is beyond the norms of international law and civilised behaviour. As such, it will have to taste more of its own bitter medicine.

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