Monday, October 5, 2009

Israeli vice premier fears arrest for crimes of war, Mme Hillary Clinton spares Israel from being tried in the Hague for war crimes

Bully Israel may throw out its chest in the Middle East, but abroad it is not feared. Consider the refusal of Israeli vice premier Moshe Yaalon's cancellation of a trip to attend a fund raising dinner for the Jewish National Fund, a private organisation. Although he would ultimately be protected by diplomatic immunity, Yaalon had feared arrest in Britain for alleged crimes of war, the more especially since he was coming to Britain for a non official reason. As he was military chief of staff, Israel dropped a one tonne bomb in Gaza City killing 15 people including a Hamas leader and 8 children in 2002, as part of Israeli strategy to assassinate Palestinian leaders whoi refuse to bow to Jerusalem's will. So, to avoid embarrassment at best and losing face internationally at worst, Yaalon elected to remain in the cozy comfort of his country.
Israeli prime minister have in the recent past been the object of arrest warrants for war crimes, but they had gone abroad on official business. As such, the request for their arrest were denied on the grounds of diplomatic immunity. In Yaalon's case, this was not so.
In a move which may very well erase the good will US president Barack Obama's [BHO] speechor in Cairo, calling for better relations and understanding of Arabs and Muslims, his secretary of state successfully twisted the arm of Palestinian Authority's president Mahmoud Abbas [Abu Mazzan] from presenting the finds of the UN Goldstone report before the UN Security Council. Washington swift action assures that the US client state Israel won't face charges before the International Court of Justice [ICJ] in the Hague for war crimes in Gaza where Israel's blitzkrieg killed at least 1400 civilians, women, children, and men, and destroyed the enclaves schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, roads, and the like. The Goldstone report, as Guam Diary noted, pinned the tail of crimes of war on Israel, responsible for 95 per cent of the human and physical destruction; it also blamed Hamas for war crimes.

Had the Palestinian Authority brought the Goldstone report before the Security Council, Israel would come under harsh cri ticism for its preemptive war in Gaza. It would have faced a serious blow to its own manufactured image of a pygmy among armed Arab giants. A serious twisting of the truth, to say the least, the more especially since Israel with its powerful military industrial complex, untold billions of military and economic aid, and a nuclear stockpile of more than 200 bombs, can believably be qualified as 'helpless' in a Palestine not yet born but whose lands it is stealing piecemeal in violation of international law on the west bank it occupies for the last 42 years, and millions of its Arab neighbours!

Debate in the Security Council would embarrass Israel's protector the US. Mme. Clinton couldn't lap dog Washington is, he will continue to gobble up west bank land. And the Palestinians will end up in encircled colonies by Jewish settlers. Any hope of a state viciated!

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