Thursday, October 8, 2009

Boomerang on shelving the Goldstone report. US powerless to stop Israeli land grabbing in east Jerusalem and the west bank. The end of Zionism!

Pliable Palestinian Authority [PA] president Mahmoud Abbas [Abu Mazzam] turned tailewed on his refusal to advance the UN Human Rights Goldstone report to the UN Security Council. Putty in the hands of secretary of state Hillary Clinton to stop the report from ever reaching the Security Council, Mr. Abbas willing obliged. But the Palestinian streets was swift in condemning him as as a traitor denying them justice in condemning Israel's war of collective guilt in December 2008 and January 2009. Faced with a groundswell of anger, he reversed himself.
The Barack Obama [BHO] administration has shown itself incapable of pressuring Israel on negotiations of a two state solution, and unable to throw lest in complete and total support of it. Instead once again he is sending his special adviser George Mitchell, in the spirit of an elusive hope that he can revive the road map to peace which for Israel is dead in the water. Israeali prime minister Benjamin Netenyahu has responded to BHO's initiative to get the two states solution off the ground by inflicting on BHO a humiliating rebuff. He simply continues the illegal gobbling up of Palestinian territory in Israeli occupied west bank and the spoiliation of Palestinian property in east Jerusalem. What does Senator Mitchell hope to gain from further discussions with the right wing Likud government? Not much. In fact, the ultra national Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, who has never shied away from pursuing Israel's version of 'Lebensraum' in the occupied territories, put a big stick in the spokes of any US effort in support of a 'viable Palestinian state'. Lieberman without a blush of shame nor hypocrisy, simply put BHO on notice that any resolution of the 60 year old Palestinian question, is year's away. [Read, till hell freezes over.] BHO reacts mildly to Israel's rebuffs. His unswerving support of Israel, annuls any 'public relations' offense by the Obama administration to sway the Arab and Muslim main street and heads of state, on its determination to birth an independent Palestine.
The US simply wont slap Israel hard on the knuckles in the same way that Dwight Eisenhower did during Israel's preemptive seizure of the Suez Canal in 1956. Then the US president threatened withholding military and economic aid unless David Ben Gurion withdrew Israeli troops, which he immediately did. Now, we find Washington has become Israel's cat's paw.
It is more and more obvious that the two state solution has not future today. Israel is intent in marginalising millions of Palestinian Arabs in disconnected islands of poor land, thereby realising the political goal of Zionism, of a Jewish state from the Mediterranean to the river Jordan. A state called 'Israel' with a minority ruling Jewish population with complete rights and an Arab majority with little or no rights; second class citizens condemned to an unequal and separate status similar to the non white population of apartheid South Africa. The minority may rule for years but ultimately its centre won't hold; it is doomed to failure unless it resorts to an ethnic cleansing which the world community won't allow. Ultimately, too, Arabs will regain full rights, and a Jewish state will perish in favour of a secular state with full rights for all. Confident as Israeli leaders are today they are digging Zionism's grave.

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