Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Palin's 'apologia pro sua vita': 'blood libel'

Sarah Palin's high public profile took a big hit. In her stab at taking the wind out of Barack Obama's sails at Tucon in the wake of the Arizona shootings,and in self defense of her call to 'reload' your guns to kill off political enemies by using 'crosshairs' on her website [now removed] she clothed her 'victimhood' in the term 'blood libel'.
Whoever suggested her use of 'blood libel' - a reference to the anti Semitic practice from the Middle ages of falsely accusing Jews of murdering Christian children whose blood was used in religious ceremonies - she should have fired on the spot.
Palin is not shrinking violet: she speaks in direct, blunt, and vigorous language. Her words lack nuance; they are like the sun at noon lacking any hint of shadows of meaning. Her use of 'blood libel' marginalised her. Her ratings in the polls sank like a setting sun.
Americans of all shades of opinion saw her words for what they were - insensitive and self serving. And perhaps her use of Facebook for her 'apologia pro sua vita' as a defense that her colourful and shocking military language was an example of 'free speech' without consequence, thereby distancing herself from the consequences of violent, hateful speech.
Palin put days after the tragedy in Tucson to express her sympathy with the victims, as well as to distance herself from her high profile, incendiary remarks, she chose 'Facebook'. And the public did not buy it.
In order to 'snatch her damaged reputation from the jaws of opprobrium', Palin went on television. Ever since her disastrous interview with Katie Couric, she takes refuge of her security blanket, otherwise known as Fox TV, where she is a highly paid commentator.
She appeared on Sean Hannity's programme. Tried as she might, she couldn't shake off the cheap use of 'blood libel' and the uproar it caused among Jews and non Jews. More telling is the fact that she has an inferiorty complex in defending her positions but only in the company of friends and sympathetic ears. Which doesn't speak well of her 'political courage'.
Has Palin overreached her grasp? Maybe yes, maybe no. Nonetheless, her use of 'blood libel' reveals how tone deaf she is and how out of the mainstream she is and what's more how extreme her readiness to embrace discredited ideas.

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