Monday, January 31, 2011

Israel's desperation grows day by day

To measure Israel desperation as it knows that very soon it is going to lose its strongest ally in the Middle East--Egypt's Hosni Mubarak--a single example may suffice.
Jerusalem is sending out emissaries to all major press outlets in Europe with a simple message: play up the good that Hosni Mubarak represents. He ain't a bad guy after all...translation, he's Israel good pal!
This sorry tactic is irrelevant and besides the point. Mubarak is going, and he is negotiating to turn out the light to his regime without dire consequences to him and his family. [Son Gamal is in London preparing for his papa's feathered exile, it seems.]
With Mubarak off Israel's radar, the Zionist state's economy will suffer. Egypt, according to the Peace Accords, took over a role to police the Sinai and Gaza, thereby lightening Israel's obligation to pour money into its military. With such a calculated blessing, money went to developing its economy. Now, Jerusalem will have to pour us$ billions into its military complex and its civilian economy will suffer sorely. It may play on the guilt of the Jews in the Diaspora, but monies from abroad cannot fill the coffers of an economy will soon will favour guns over butter.
Omar Suleiman, Mubarak's hand picked vice president, is Israel's good friend. But the Egyptian street is also calling for his ouster. Ultimately the military will have to come to an arrangement with the long starved civil society calling for reforms which benefit the Egypt people. Even if Egypt maintains ties to Israel, the old relationship will suffer, and unless Israel makes amends to the Palestinian people, it will retreat into isolation which will make it see an enemy under every stone in the Arab world.
Israel's protector the US has to realign to the new reality that is happening in the Middle East and its support of Israel outwardly firm is undergoing change too. It is too early to say in what form or shape.
Change in Egypt is making Israel sweat profusely. What it cannot do is seize the entire west bank and incorporate it into a Greater Israel. Already Israel commentators wonder why the Palestinians have not risen up. Well, let's say, now, they know they will be slaughtered by the IDF aided and abetted by the ultra religious military on illegal settlements in Palestinian territory.
Hamas will emerge a 'winner' of sorts of change in Egypt. Iran, Israel's nemesis, likewise.
For this and many other reasons, Israel's desperation will continue to grow and the blame is more on the Zionist state shoulders and not in the Arab heavens.

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