Monday, January 24, 2011

Israel plays by its own rules

Hardly an eyebrow lifted when the hand picked Israeli panel that 'invesitgated' the violent and deadly raid on the high seas against the peace flotilla carrying food and medicial supplies to Gaza. On the Turkish flagged 'Mavi Mamara' the Israeli commandos killed 8 Turks and 1 Turkish Americans.
Israel absolved itself of its crimes. It violated international law and engaged in terrorism. Of course, the Zionist state does not see it that way. In its eyes, it is innocent and its own investigation tells us so. The narrative and conclusions were known before the 'judges' went through the motions of 'Wayang Kutlit' [shadow puppets]. With the foregone results of the investigation, Israel feels exonerated. Still, the panel had the sulphurous odour of a Moscow show trial.
If Israel feels 'guilt free', it ain't good news for its neighbours or the greater world community. Israel pushes out its bully chest, bragging its above all law and all men. After all the bully has its protector the US standing big and tall behind it.
Nonetheless, the killings on the 'Mavi Mamara' have upset the Israeli US chessboard in the region. The fallout has not shown its complete design, but one thing is sure, Israel is on the defensive, it has to run faster to keep in the same place like the Red Queen in 'Alice in Wonderland'.
Al Jazeera followed by the UK's 'Guardian' newspaper have published leaked documents of Israeli Palestianian minutes on negotiations between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority. The PA were willing to make deep concessions, prodded by the Bush administration, say, on Jerusalem or Quds. Yet, these concessions were never good enough for the Israelis who rejected them out of hand. Tel Aviv was playing its cat and mouse game. And the PA, in its hunger and desire for a homeland of its own, came back for more punishment and abuse by the Israelis.
Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia surely were advised of the Palestinian moves, and each did not say no to the PA's strategy.
Again, Israel played by its own rules, which can politely called 'dirty pool'. Its message is for Israel, it's all or nothing and for the Palestinians, well, its defeat.
With each new revelation, Israel keeps losing any moral authority it claims. The cover of 'Ha Shoah' is a smokescreen for terrorism.
As for the US, it is and never been an honest broker with the possible exception of the first Bush's attempt at bringing Israel and its Arab neighbours together in Madrid 20 years ago. That spooked the Israelis who rushed to Oslo to sign an agreement with Yasir Arafat which they could sabotage -- and did -- with impunity. The US is not an honest broker and as such, it is beocming more likely that Israel will incorporate all the land from the Mediterrean to the Jordan. In the process, it is planting the seeds of its own suicide, and destroying its Zionist ideology, and promoting its own decay within.

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