Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A year after war in Gaza, Israel gets the sweats

Israel's war of collective punishment against Gaza, has once and for all put into the ground, the myth of Israel as victim. The once rising tide of sympathy has crested. For truth be told,
Israel's arrogance in dealing with the 'road map peace' has angered its godfathers in Washington. A slight shift in European Union thinking on Israel's continued seizure of land, heavy handed treatment of Palestinians, let alone the people of Gaza left hanging to life in war torn Gaza, has caused an eruption of Israeli invective worthy of a major lava flow on Mount Etna. Despite the Likud coalition government has bent a slight knee to US president Obama's pressure, to halt new construction on illegally seized west bank territory for 10 months, it has stopped the ethnic cleansing of Arabs in east Jerusalem. It has fueled the rabid, nationalist and religious groups who occupy Palestinian territory, menace and threaten and won't at times, stop short of killing Arabs for land. Netenyahu may face down Israelis but for him Palestinians count for little. His goal is complete rule from the Mediterranean to the Jourdan.
However, Israel itself, through collective punishment as a weapon of aggression in Gaza, has laid deep in the ground that Israel is the big bully on the block, and a danger to peace in the Middle East. Dialogue is not between Israel and the Palestinians, but between Israeli and Israeli, for a single state with a captive Palestinian population of millions, unwelcome and outcast, only worthy of apartheid like Bantustans.
The waves of sympathy Israel has abroad notwithstanding, the veil of hypocrisy is rent on the pious fraud of Israel as David facing Arab Goliaths. The opposite is true, however.
And what the world press, with few exceptions document, do not talk of the growing religious radicalisation in Israel where Jewish law [Halaka] should rule the average Israeli's life. [Halaka would be equivalent to the Muslim Shari'a]. Owing to Israel's political structure, religious parties often and do hold the few votes which will keep a government in office. In consequence, the steady push towards the right and ultra orthodoxy finds the same echo in Israel as it does in the Taliban world of restoring the Califate; in Israel, it would restore the priestly caste, read ultra orthodox rabbis, to crow hardily in governing.
A yaer after Israel's war in Gaza, it has fallen from grace, yet has the power to bully and kill a two states solution. As GuamDiary has many times argued, a single state solution already rings the death knell on Zionism.

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