Wednesday, December 9, 2009

US in Afghanistan to 2024 and beyond

A significant US presence until 2024 and beyond. Such are the headlines in the daily broadsheets and in radio and television reporting.
How then can the land of the free, home of the brave, economically, politically, and millitarily sustain such an effort, the more especially since it is in deep trouble owing to the global recession its investment bankers triggered?
Has anyone thought of encouraging US citizens to emigrate to Afghanistan? Like br ave forefathers of theirs, who broke the plains, plowed the earth, and tamed the wild west, they shall have the noble opportunity of creating a unified country in a hodgepodge of hopelessly contentious warring tribes and divided ethnic groupings.
Not only that, they will bring a capitalist work ethnic which Afghanistan sorely needs. Then surplus of US MBAs, unemployed university graduates, skilled and unskilled workers, will infuse a medieval people with the life blood of a 21 century dynamism.
Consider what creative investment bankers can do with opium. They can rationalise the pr oduction, the gathering and worldwide distribution of the drug, in such a way, that the endless flow of profits will be plowed into nation building and thus the fruit of sophisticated thinking will bear the fruits of 'US democracy' of sorts.
US emigration will revivify an ancient land and its people...the American genius will create gold out of dross.
Consider such emigration as colonising the dark side of moon. Its advantageous and opportunities are golden. In this way, instead of bankrupting the US, such a policy will bring rewards!

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