Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Israel on the ropes?

Gone are the halcyon days... Israel through faults of its own is on the ropes of global public opinion. Right wing prime minister Bibi Netenyahu more and more is putting his foot in his mouth. He's willing to negotiate with the Palestinians but in the same breath he imposes draconian conditions which are unacceptable.
Israel knows no limits to arrogance. Consider president and long lived politician Shimon Peres' remark to Egypt's Hosni Mbarek. Mbarek raised the matters of the unending, illegal land grab of Palestinian territory on the 42 year Israeli occupied west bank, as a thorn in the side of any peace talks with Israel. Peres in a display of utter deafness, labeled the Egyptian Rais' remark, swept it aside that illegal settlements and the ethnic cleansing in Arab east Jerusalem, were 'peripherals',mere bagatelles which should not delay the signing of a peace treaty.
Well the land grab sticks in the Palestinians caw; it inflames, it festers, it turns toxic, but for Netenyahu & co., it is hardly worth raising an eyebrow.
And yet, to retain a semblance of dancing to the tune of Israel's paymaster and protector, the US, they had to make a 'good faith effort', to slow down but not halt the mindless pursuit of dispossessing the lion's share of Palestinians from the land which is rightfully there on the west bank. Fi to international law. Israel has as its birth right the land of Judea and Samaria of the Torah, which the lord God on high has given it, according to myth.
As Guam Diary continually believes Israel's pursuit of a land of Jews from the Mediterranean to the River Jourdan will in the long run destroy Zionism. Zionism of the stripe of Ben Gurion or the school of Jabotinsky...the mainstream or the right wing extremes.
Israel's intransigence is wired to its own ideology. It feels all the more justified on another ground: the mistaken US policy of Israel's indispensability as an ally. US president Barack Obama [BOH] in his speech before the cadets at America's military academy at West Point on 1 December 2009, made a point of saying that under his administration, he's opened a window of dialogue with the Muslim world. His weak kneed response to his appeal to Israel to halt settlements went unanswered; his secretary of state Hillary Clinton in Jerusalem quipped that BOH wouldn't hold the Netenyahu government to his request, in her vain attempt to jump start negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, slammed that window shut tight. BOH did end up putting pressure on Netenyahu, but as we noted above, the Israeli fox put conditions on a 10 month 'halt' to new construction, but was ordering the finishing of 3000 units and the throwing out of Arab Palestinians from long occupied dwellings in east Jerusalem.
The American president is off in his own dreams, buoyed by his conservative allies in Cairo and Riyadh and Amman.
Thus, Israel continues having a freedom of action which suddenly is challenged by the international community, and before world public opinion, finds itself on the ropes. Cry as it might about the recrudescence of anti Semitism, it cannot escape say the judgment of the Goldstone report on its preemptive war in Gaza, nor on its ethnic cleansing, nor the 'enslavement' of Palestinians and herding them into 'Bantustans'.

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