Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another step in the 'Privatisation' of US foreign policy--DPRK diplomats in New Mexico!

DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea aka North Korea] diplomats from its mission to the United Nations normally are restricted in travel in the US. Yet North Korea diplomats accredited to the international body are in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Governor Bill Richardson will be on hand to welcome them.
Is this a sentimental journey to visit a governor who during the Clinton yearhs went to Pyongyang as an emissary of the then sitting president Bill Clinton? Perhaps not. Is the visit the result of Citizen Bill Clinton's surprise mission of mercy to Pyongyang where he spent 195 minutes with Kim Jong il? Yes.
The visit is private, says the Obama White House. The governor will not be negotiating nor representing US president Barack Obama [BHO]. It is good to rec all that Mr. Richardson played
a key trouble shooting role for Clinton in thorny issues with DPRK, Sudan, Iraq, and Cuba.
Yet we the public are asked to believe that the North Korea delegation including minister Kim Myong il and councilor Paek Jong ho, are dropping into the governor's mansion in Santa Fe, for old times sake? Wink, wink, wink!
If BHO wants us to believe that angels can dance on the head of a pin, Guam Diary thinks that it is a transparent fiction, in order to deflect any softening of BHO's failed policy to box in Pyongyang with sanctions and threats. So under the gossamer cover of 'private chats', BHO is moving quickly in talking directly to North Korea, even though he will swear on a stack of bibles, he is not.
The agenda. No one knows, but it is easy enough to come immediately to restarting negotiations, the DPRK nuclear programme, advanced solid liquid missiles, among other issues.
On the other hand, word is leaking out about Citizen Clinton's private flight to the DPRK. Again we are asked to swallow the whale that he asked the BHO White House, advised by his wife's State Department and General Jones' national security network, what to do, what to seek, whilst maintaining the fiction of a non government errand of mercy. Now, in today's 'New York Times' [19 August 2009] online edition, we discover that a US intelligence officer Joseph DeTrani played a major role in choreographing Citizen Clinton's trip, which included Joseph Podesta, a key player in BHO's transition team, and a senior State Department official familiar with Korean affairs.
As days go by, the veil of secrecy will slow lift on this 3 card monte game of BHO's strategy to hid a departure from his public policy towards North Korea and other 'rogue states', such as Burma.

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