Saturday, August 29, 2009

Peripatetic Bill Richardson

After hosting two senior DRPK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea aka North Korea] at the governor's manision in Santa Fe, Bill Richardson suddenly appears to have gone on a trouble shooting assignment for the Obama [BHO] White House, to Havana Cuba.
The peripatetic governor has no 'authority' to negotiate on behalf of Mr. Obama, but the object all sublime of his talks has very much to do with BHO's strategy 'in voce sotto', and through 'private channels' to jump start and advance negotiations with the DPRK and Cuba, whilst at the same time speaking in a public hard line voice.
The White House in each case cannot without raising the monster of critics venture openly with softening America's going nowhere policy with the two countries. And so with a pinch of salt tack, it is preparing the way by donning a fig leap of 'privacy' in order to await the right moment that it can conduct diplomacy with a winning hand. And trouble shooter Bill Richardson has proven a useful hand. It is equally telling that the US president is deploying loyal team players from the Clinton White House.

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