Friday, August 28, 2009

North Korea, Burma, Russia & nuclear technology

Guam Diary alerted its readers in early July of the wild goose chase the DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea aka North Korea] vessel 'Kang Nam 1' sent the USS John McCain merrily on, inn Washington's determined effort to enforce a sanctions provision of UN resolution 1854. Pyongyang never gave Washington the chance to board its ship either in a third party port or stop it on the high seas. At the time of this merry go round sailing in the South China Sea and the Pacific, the Obama [BHO] administration cranked up its propaganda machinery full force, by blaring out its message that one, the 'Kang Nam 1' was steaming for Burma, and two, in its hold, it had taken on a cargo consisting of nuclear technology, destined for the detested and detestable Burmese military junta.
Since the USS John McCain couldn't fulfill its mission, BHO's alert remains at best speculation, and at worst a total fabrication. No one will ever know. Or will he?
Now, with a carefully planned visit of Virginia's senator Jim Webb to Myanmar, in a change of Washington's tack towards Yangon , the truth has slowly seen the light of public scrutiny and belies somewhat Washington's war of words towards the DPRK.
BHO is engaged in a kiss and awkwardly making up with Pyongyang and Yangon. And here's where a small kitchen has been let out of the bag. The honourable Mr. Webb is n o stranger to Burma, nor a trumpeter of sanctions against the Burmese generals. Further more in an op ed piece in the reputable 'New York Times Online', he put tin black and what that 'Russia is assisting the Myanmar government on a nuclear project'. Now that is indeed a break through!
The good senator from the state of Virginia in 11 words, shone the spot light on Moscow's role in developing nuclear technology in Myanmar. He says nothing about North Korea. Which makes Guam Diary wonder aloud that the Obama administration drum beating on that rogue capitol Pyongyang is the spoiler in spreading nuclear technology abroad and to pariah regimes [read, aiding other states to arm themselves with nuclear weapons], turns out to be unsubstantiated noise. The US is first to admit that its knowledge of the DPRK is weak, and so it more oft than not, advances unsubstantiated claims or repeats the war messages emanating from the ROC [Republic of Korea aka South Korea].
Well it turns out that Moscow not Pyongyang is in the business of spreading nuclear technology in Myanmar for peaceful use? military use? the two? Mr. Webb doesn't say for sure; the Burmese generals are not talking, and the Russians are tight lipped.
BHO needs the good will of Russia, so it won't make a public outcry of its role in any Burmese nuclear project. The DPRK is an easier target of abuse, it goes without saying. Washington has much to explain, but it won't. So reader beware of US assertions against North Korea. Much may be sheer fantasy.

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