Sunday, December 12, 2010

Obama: the fading US president

Did anyone notice that former president Bill Clinton took centre stage during Barack Obama's news conference? Obama left to join his wife and girls for dinner whilst Clinton waxed eloquent in support of extending the Bush tax cuts across the board.
After the 'shellacking' the Democrats took in the November 2010 mi term elections, the grey beards of the party decided to take the party back from Obama.
As the American people have learned for the last two years, Obama is a poor manager who does not really have a programme.
For sure, it took him a while to find the north star for health care reform. Initially, however, he let it flounder and then allowed the lobbyists and the do nothing Republicans to steal his thunder. Same for the financial reforms.
During all this flipping and flopping, Obama talked of bi partisanship, ignoring what was plain as the nose on his face, his opponents laughed at his face. And yet he pursued a policy which was doomed for weak tea reform or accepting an empty hand.
November 2010 should Obama's true mettle. It is thin as the finest gossamer, easy to tear apart.
Obama had infuriated his liberal supporters by his haughty, condescending lecture on purism in political. Of which he is the prime example...
So, we see the sudden thrusting into the lime light of the vice president, Joe Biden who knows how to work the system, something Obama doesn't.
GuamDiary won't beat a dead donkey. The party pooh bahs will support Obama but he's a ciffer, and more likely than not a one term wonder. Meanwhile, the grey beards will look for a good contender for president in 2014.
Bye bye Barach Obama.

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