Monday, December 27, 2010

Blaming Kim Jong eun for South Korea's thirst for war

The propaganda mills are churning fast and furious during the dying days of 2010. The South Koreans remain bitter and humiliated, the more so since they got as they gave North Koreans in November last during naval drills with live fire less than 10 km from the NLL [Northern Limit Line]. They dismissed the North's warning that should the South's shells land in North Korean waters, Pyongyang would respond. And respond, they did to the South's utter surprise and stunned.
You would think that naughty child that Lee Myung bak is, South Korea would calm the heated desire to teach North Korea a lesson it not only deserves, but one it won't forget. The propaganda presses are smoking from over use: they are spreading the rumours of war that in 2011, the DPRK 'could fire missiles at South Korea'.
Here, we have an example of disinformation. It is not the North that is banging furiously on the drums of war but the South. And to add the cherry to the cake of terror that Pyongyang is baking, the ROK is predicting a testing of yet another nuclear device at Yonbyon. The dogs of war are frothing at the mouth.
Deliberately spreading fear by lies and innuendo, in order to influence and frighten and panic South Korean public opinion, Seoul's practioners of distorsion and twisting the truth out of all proportion, have found a fall guy in the person of Kim Jong eun.
Kim Jong il, they reason, is aching for a quarrel and willing to risk war with the South, with one object in mind: to bolster the image and fill an empty 'curriculum vitae' of leadership of his chosen successor, his third and youngest son Kim Jong eun.
Bulldozer Lee Myung bak's minions cannot touch Kim Jong il so they fall back on trying to blacken Kim Jong eun. Of him, they know next to nothing.
Looking at his photo, he's the spitting image of his grandfather Kim Il sung, and that alone says something of his ability to win the favour and the affection of North Koreans. We know very little about this young man. We do know that he received part of his schooling in Switzerland, and so, he is not a stereotypical 'North Korea hermit' when it comes to speaking western languages and knowing something of the outside world. We do know that in September, he was promoted to a 4 star general, but he is not a member of the powerful military committee. We also know that he is going through a rigorous apprentice, an apprentice his father went through, and with, more or less, the same tutors. In brief, he is learning the ropes of leadership from the bottom up, and perhaps on an accelerated track, owing to his father's precarious health.
South Korea is turning its guns of falsehood on Kim Jong eun, out of weakness. The global media alas simply picks up and amplifies South Korea's propaganda. No one really cares that it is the South Korea of Lee Myung bak who revels in feckless bellicosity to 'teach Kim Jong il a hard lesson he will never forget'. A fair minded
reading of events will turn up a different story. And one which would pin the blame on Seoul for whipping up war fever on the Korean peninsula, and more than ably assisted and abetted by its proconsul, the US.
It would do the South and the US well to cool their heels. Reading the tea leaves will prove wrong, yet so deep is the South of Lee Myung bak's blindness and deafness to the real world, we can only fear for the worse. And you cannot blame Kim Jong en for the South of Lee Myung bak's weaknesses and irresponsible policies and the unquenchable thirst of hatred for the North.

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