Friday, May 14, 2010

US alms for Israel's 'Iron Dome' short range missile defence system

US president Barack Obama [BHO] is requesting US$205m to speed up Israel's construction of its short range missile defence system, to thwart Hamas' and Hezbollah's missile attacks. [Or perhaps this is a tissue of life, since the missile defence system will and can reach targets in Iran?]
US$205m is small beer compared to the billions which the US rate or taxpayer doles out annually to Israel without ever expecting Israel to pay back a pence.
Is BHO sweetening the pot so that unrepentent and unreconstructed revisionist Zionist that Israel's prime minister 'BiBi' Netenyahu will fall into lock step with America's designs for a two state solution?
Israel has little need for such a paltry sum, to complete 'Iron Dome' the fanciful name it's dubbed the short range missile defence system. Its military capabilities far outstrip Hamas' and Hezbollah's. If proof needs be for those with short term memories, look at the havoc Israel has wrought on Lebanon and Hamas within the last few years.
Hamas' rocketry is quite primative and Hezbollah's is less than accurate even though it sent scud missiles into the heart of northern Israel.
By comparison, Israel's military 'might' has visited much death and destruction on the Lebanonese and Palestinians living in Gaza.
Had US lawmakers their druthers, they would strip Israel of the largesse it deprives their own people, to sustain the warfare state in the Middle East that is Israel.
More US aid to Israel, including the tiny sum of US$205m, simply underscores the fact that Israel needs a US lifeline to remain in existence. It compounds with deadly interest the fact that this 'settler state' is nothing but a colony of the US in the Middle East, and without an 'imperial' protector's money, its days would remain limited and without a future.
Since Netenyahu & co. have a penchant for quoting from the 'Torah' and other books of the old Bible, they should full well know that the existence of the Kingdom of Judah depended fully upon Imperial Rome.
BHO would do better to redirect the untold billions that the US lavishes on Israel, for the benefit and wellfare of his own citizens.

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