Thursday, May 13, 2010

Russia's Medvedev gets into Netenyahu's face

Israeli prime minister "Bibi" Netenyahu is hopping mad. Russia's president Dmitri Medvedev has just met with Hamas' Khaled Meshaal, the exiled head of Hamas, in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Mr. Medvedev has called upon Israel to engage in direct talks with Hamas.
Israel rejected the suggestion out of hand. Nonetheless, a more active Russia in the long search for a solution to the Palestinian Israel matter, is sending shock waves throughout the Israeli elite.
Suddenly, the right wing Israeli government is feeling the squeeze by the US Obama administration which is wanting to impose a denouement to more than 60 years of war and Israel's over the top recourse to military action and a two state solution on one hand, and now on the other an active Russian initiative calling for a dialogue where no party is excluded. Translation: the time is ripe to bring Hamas in from out of the cold.
Nothing is more an anathema to Israel, to say the least. But time is no longer on Mr. Netenyahu's side. One, he has chosen confrontation with the young American president, going so far as to embarass his vice president a staunch supporter of Israel. The Israeli prime minister has chosen even to thumb his nose at Mr. Obama by calling in chips from elected legislators in the two houses of Congress, and generating a smear campaign by the Jewish lobby. He is skating on thin ice, the more especially that it is becoming clearer that there are matters which the US differs significantly from Israel's concerns.
Mr. Medvedev sees a Russian role in the Middle East which is complimentary to US designs. He is not repeating the Soviet's mistakes which Yvegeny Primakov's 'Russia and the Arabs' cogently maps out.
Already, Moscow has sided with Washington in condemning Israel's illegal land grab in the Palestinian west bank and East Jerusalem. Seizures which blatantly violate international law and recognised boundaries.
Israel is reaping the whirlwind that it has sown. The UN Human Rights Commission's 'Goldstone Report' has put another nail in the coffin of Israel's martial response to conditions that it does not like; it behaves like the outlaw that the Israeli state has become in court of world opinion.
Mr. Netenyahu & co are losing traction; they are being backed into a corner, but like a wounded bull elephant it can lash out. But such petulance and carnage will sape the Israeli state of resources and friends and ultimately, it will be forced to sign a document for a two state solution which viscerally it reviles. But, it won't do it no good. Either it digs its own grave, or settle for peace with its Palestinian neighbours like it or not!

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