Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lebensraum Israeli style

The Nazis practised Lebensraum [living space], notably in Central and Eastern Europe. They sought through ethnic cleansing to remove, enslave, and ultimately kill inhabitants of this 'space', for one purpose: to populate it with a race of Arayans [read Germans] with approved racial characteristics, which fit the definition of 'uebermenschen' or supermen]. As a result the a systematic genocide...millions fell victim, mostly Jews but also the Roma [gypsies], the lame and mentally handicapped, homosexuals, Socialists, and Communists, Poles, Ukranians, etc.
Today Israel, too, exercises a politics of 'Lebensraum'. It is cleansing through illegal implantation of colonists, rabid Zionists, many nourished by religious zeal, in the Palestinian west bank. The west bank is Israel's booty from the Six Day War of 1967; it has held conquered territory for the last 43 years. Overtime, especially with the rise of religious Zionism, illegal colonies have put down roots on Palestinian land. Land which the Israeli establishment call 'Judea and Samaria', the rationale of which is found in the 'Pentatuch' or 'Torah'. Although the impulse is religious, many secular Jews, especially those living close to Jerusalem, have also taken part in this land grab.
Israel has perfected 'Lebensraum', the more especially since it has legally armed its bureaucrats, military and civil, with the weapons to seize Palestinian land, remove its inhabitants, and force them into 'ghettos', in restricted camps or towns, resembling old style South African 'bantustans'.
The Jewish settlers are armed with weapons and the righteous might of a vengeful god, in reclaming land which does not belong to them, including East Jerusalem.
Zionist ideology fuels this land grab and ethnic cleansing; its mindset resembles in many ways the Nazis or the South African apartheid government thought of 'people less than human', be they Jews or gypsies, the blind, the lame, or the insane or physically impaired, homosexuals, or blacks or brown or Arab.
Recent newly proclaimed orders to the Israeli military allow the 'Tsahal' or Israeli Defence Force, to uproot, remove, and expel Palestinians from their land at will. The orders are so broadly defined that anyone, including sympathetic Israelis to the plight of Palestinians, face draconian and arbitrary measures, including prison.
The right wing Netenyahu government, feed on revisionist and ordinary Zionist ideology, have one idea in mind: a Jewish state from the Mediterrean to the Jordan River. A Jewish state, period. As such, as GuamDiary has often noted such a political and physical entity in itself is a negation of the Zionist dream, the more especially since within its borders is a majority Arab population with little or no rights, tied hand and fist to ghettos or 'bantustans'.
Ultimately Israel will suffer the same fate as South Africa. Israel will lose its 'soul', its reason for being, and as a slap in the face, its name.
Such is the mad path Israel's leaders have chosen. A drive to destruction of an ill conceived temple.

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