Friday, April 9, 2010

Israel is learning a hard lesson

Israeli prime minister Benjamin 'Bibi' Netenyahu won't be among those at US president Barach Obama's nuclear roundtable in Washington. He's sending a lower grade bureaucrat in his place.
Israel is beginning to learn that as an American protectorate, the US' strategic interests do not align with those of Jerusalem.
Israel has at least 120 nuclear warheads but as part of an agreement with the Nixon administration promised not to publicise its active nuclear programme. Everyone knows about it, in spite of Israel's silence.
You can blame the French for sharing nuclear know how with Israel. The Socialist government of Guy Mollet opened that Pandora's box during the 1956 Suez aggression against Nasser's Egypt. Charles deGaulle put an end to such cooperation after he came to power in 1958. But the harm was done.
Netenyahu not wishing to confront his own Muslim allies--Turkey and Egypt--chose to hide behind the walls Israel has raised from the outside world. Its propaganda machine is churning full time to pin blame on Muslim countries wanting to shame and isolate "weak, innocent" Israel.
How does that shopworn excuse square with the facts that it is Israel's own Muslim friends in Anakara and Cairo, that are raising the issues of Israel's nuclear programme and ongoing research?
Relations between Turkey and Cairo are to varying degrees strained. GuamDiary has commented on Turkey's disenchantment at Israel's arrogance and its murderous, preemptive war om Gaza. Its worries with Cairo stem from Israel's illegal swallowing up of the occupied West Bank, effectively denying Palestinians of creating a state of their own.
As for the US, Netenyahu's insult of vice president Biden and his mocking president Obama in the American president's endeavour to resurrect a moribund peace process leading to the creation of an independent Palestine, the Israeli prime minister can no longer be sure of 'total, complete, unmitigated' US support.
Washington acknowledges but won't pick a fight in public with Jerusalem. It full well knows that after Mr. Obama's Cairo speech, the Israeli street looks upon him as a closet Muslim and an 'enemy' of Israel. It is not for nothing that in Jerusalem, east and west, posters are pasted on walls with the American president, head bowed, accepted a medal from the Saudi[?] or Trucail state emir, with the large headline in Hebrew, which in translation reads 'Beware a PLO spy in the White House'. In other words, Mr. Obama is not a friend of Israel, and what's more has taken its enemies [Arab and Muslims] side. A panaroid reading of the current administration's agenda.
Sly and foolish Netenyahu is betting on the US Congress, right wing evangelical Christians, and the American public to back him up. He is also counting on his ability to outlast Mr. Obama in fighting the creation of a Palestinian state.
Wrong. Israel is in a state of crisis. Its 'democracy' is being undermined by corruption and malfeasance in the highest levels of government, including the prime minister's office. A president has been found guilty of sexual impropriety.
Israel is on the defencive following the publishing of the UN Human Rights Commission's 'Goldstone Report'. It documented Israeli 'crimes of war' against the ciivlian population in Gaza during its month long offensive against the democratically elected Hamas government.
Israel feels like an international pariah thanks to the report, which it fought, refused to cooperate with the UN, and has slandered since it was made public. But the damage was done, and Israel was exposed for its contravention of the laws of war.
Not only that, it has begun cicling its wagons against its own citizens who one way or the other have opposed Israel's oppressive of the captive Palestinian population on the West Bank, and the tight noose it keeps on Gaza, allowing just enough food and material to pass the Israeli Gaza frontier to keep skin and bones on Palestinians in Gaza.
The Obama administration has a guilty hand in attacking the Goldstone report as biased, but for how long will it continue spitting in the face of the truth?
Netenyahu's absence from the nuclear confab in Washington won't diminist attendee states from raising the issue of Israel's nuclear arsenal and programme. In fact, this very issue will detract from Mr. Obama's purpose for calling the meeting: to isolate Iran and North Korea in the context of his new nuclear strategy.
Israel is now becoming a millstone around Washington's neck, and in its darker recesses formulation of political, economic, and military policies are being formulated. These policies are taking for working principle that Israel is a hinderance to America's broader aims in west and central Asia. They are diminishing the importance of Israel in the future, but won't relinquish a strong hand to stay Israel's itchy finger on the trigger to bomb Iran.
Israel is ignorning the hard lesson of recent turn of events at the bottom of which it shares complete blame. Time is no longer on its side. The balance of weight is shifting from its favour.

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