Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama falters on Palestine and Israel

US president Barack Obama [BHO] may know a thing or two about dealing with street gangs in the ghettos of Chicago, but he's outclassed and klewless on bringing peace to Israel and Palestine and furthering negotiations for a two state solution.
Talking about a gang of thugs in the Middle East, Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netenyahu takes the pride of place as king pin. BHO is no match for him, even though the American president holds a hand full of aces. He has softened his mild stand on illegal settlements in Palestinian land which Israel holds in its steel vice of occupation since 1967.
BHO can and should exert economic pressure on the Likud government. Israel is a US client, but the way things are going it looks as though the US is Jerusalem's eunuch. BHO should take a page out of Dwight Eisenhower's book. During the Suez crisis, Mr. Eisenhower sent a strong message to Israel's prime minister David Ben Gurion: either you withdraw from Suez or we are going to stop economic and military aid. And Ben Gurion folded his tent and sneaked away in the night. This is not BHO's style, which is a cream pie in his own face.
Unless the US tells its client to whom it furnished untold billions in economic and military aid, without demanding reimbursement!, to stand down, the two state solution is condemned to the dung heap of fantasy.
BHO may deliver moving speeches, but he does not follow through. He's congentially unable to talk the talk, walk the walk. And the victims of his spaghetti spined policy are the Palestinians whom the Israeli have caged in Bantustan islands of their own territory which Jerusalem has the termity to Samaria and Judea, long gone.

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