Friday, September 25, 2009

Ahmadinejad treats Netenyahu the same way Netenyahu treats the Palestinians!

On 24 October 2009, Israeli prime minister Benjamin 'Bibi' Netenyahu took the podium before the
UN general assembly. With grand gestures, he unfolded a Nazi plan of a concentration, in order to silence the 'holocaust denier' Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the president of the Islamtic Republic of Iran. He then proceeded to excoriate Tehran which his old ally and former US president George Bush, had labeled an 'axis of evil' state. Israel has a nervous finger on the bomb button to teach Iran a lesson by 'pre emptively' attacking one or two or many underground nuclear installations. But his American proconsul in Washington has denied him that opportunity. Little wonder, an Israeli attack on Iran would ignite the fuse on the powder keg that is the Middle East. And so short of the black art of propaganda and sabotage, Mr. Netenyahu has little choice but to vilify Iran.

Iran's Ahmadinejad, a wily politician he, knows how to tweak the tail of the Lions of Judea. He simply denies that the Holocaust took place. Which understandably serves one purpose: to set Israel's nerves on edge. It matters little that Holocaust survivors are alive and living in Israel and in other lands, the Irani president willingly speaks out that the destruction of some 6 million Jews and more millions of Poles, Communists, dissident Christian clergy, homosexuals, mentally and physically disabled, and Roms or Gypsies, perished in a Nazi lunatic plan of 'Lebensraum' or what we today call 'ethnic cleansing'. It is a deliberate ploy of the Irani president. Usually in the same breath, Mr. Ahmadi nejad speaks of the sorry plight of the Palestinians who are living under sorry conditions and badly treated by 42 years of Israeli occupation where day by day they are subjected to the complete disdain of the Israeli occupier who not only demeans and debases their humanity, by steals their land, in a calculated move to redeem the Biblic'. al Judea and Samaria, and realise the Zionist dream of one country from the Mediterrenean to the banks of the Jordan river. Not only that, it has waged brutal military assaults on Palestinians, especially those in Gaza who refuse, under the democratically elected Hamas government, to recognise the state of Israel.

Now, president Ahmadi nejad might not or might truly belong to Holocaust deniers, but he has the authority of a rival state in a neighbourhood that Israel's military and economic might think that they control. Wrong. By his 'denial', he has Mr. Netenyahu by the short hairs. By insisting on the rights of, and the wrongs done to the Palestinians, the Irani president has challenged Israli's monopoly on the Palestine narrative. And there is little Israel can do about it short of ''manu militari'. Israel's brutal war against Gaza the victims of which were overwhelming civilian, has lost it friends, or if not, has raised serious doubts or questions of its political sense and sensibility if not sanity.
And that is the object all sublime of Mr. Ahmadi nejad's 'denial of the Holocaust'. It is a hard lesson for Israel to learn. It is not anti Semitism as such but it does wash Mr. Netenyahu in the clotted mud that Israel has for the last 60 years tried to bury Palestinians' rights and aspirations, in. Mr. Ahmadi nejad has dare to vilify, to treat with utter contempt the right to another people's land. Since the Likud government that Mr. Netenyahu heads refuses the littlest of acknowledgements of Palestine's right to exist as a sovereign nation, nor stop illegally grabbing Palestinian land, but affirms Gold Meir's contemptable utterance, 'the Palestinian people, they don't exist', Iran's attacks against it won't strong. They will encourage more questioning of Israel's intransigeance in bringing peace to Palestine. And that is the lesson, Mr. Netenyahu hasn't learnt, nor, it seems, is capable of understanding and correcting. Mr. Ahmadi nejad's denial of the Holocaust simply put, says that Israel is a usurper of other people's land, and therefore illegitimate in its claim to a state and a seat among other nations. It's a hard lesson to learn for Israel.
Israel and Iran were friends once upon a time. Certainly during the days of the Shah. And yes, they co operated even after the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Remember Ronald Reagan's underhanded banking rolling the Contras in Nicaragua. And Israel served as the middle man. [Vide, Trita Parsi's ground breaking study of the exchange of money for guns!]

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