Sunday, April 19, 2009

UN Conference on Racism -- the US won't play with its marbles

The US won't be attending the upcoming UN conference on racism. Unlike the previous confab where Mr. Bush's delegate walked out in a huff. Mr. Obama simply won't put his marble in play. Why? It isn't too difficult to know the reason. Israel stands to be condemned roundly for its violation of Palestinians rights, the underlying racism inherent in Zionism, and its brutal, unforgiving war against the Palestinians in Gaza.
You would think that the armed bully in the Middle East could fend for itself. Wrong! Israel is a client state of the US. From 'fortress America' it receives endless us$ billions which Washington forgives. The US allows Jewish organisations to collect monies for illegal occupation of Palestian lands on the occupied West Bank, in clear violation of US law.
And of course the US has to cater to the mighty American Jewish vote, the rapid right wing evangelical Christians who are in league with Israel, hoping beyond hope that they can convert Jews to Christianity, so on and on.
Israel has to be judged by its own actions. You cannot forever delay judgment from its transgression of its own laws, international law, and a higher moral code that it claims as pourveyor of monotheism.
Is there a term to US support? Who knows?

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