Sunday, April 5, 2009

Death of the two state solution?

Ibsrael's Labour Party weakened the heady wine of prime minister Binjamin Netenyahu's right wing government, by joining the Likud coalition government. Sao it's a right wing government, not an extreme right wing government. Small difference. Netenyahu's prime minister the rabid ultra nationalist Avigdor Lieberman came out swinging. He hit hard hardly a few hours in office. The Bush Annapolis Accord is dead in the water. Jerusalem is repudiating it. It is now falling back on the 'road map', to which Israel is a signatory. However what the pooh bahs in the press don't say is that Israel has appended 14 conditions to that 'map'; they in effect tear out the of the heart of that road map[Former US president Jimmy Carter, bless his soul for speaking the truth has these 14 points in an appendix to his latest book 'Israel and Palestine.] Meaning the two state solution is dead on arrival as far as Netenyahu is concerned. Bibi mumbled soothing words about wanting to come to an agreement with Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazan on improving the economic lot of Palestinians, but nothing on a state for them. If you look at the map of the West Bank today, you will see that Israel has grabbedoin land illegally to such an extent that the Palestinians are hemmed in small hardly sustainable economically viable units in a sea of Israeli illegal settlements. Israel has crisscrossed the West Bank with roads on which only Israelis can travel; Palestinians have to use the badly maintained back roads, and not only that, they have endless pmilitary check points to pass. Consequently, they are subject to discriminatory treatment, spend endless time on the road that they might well be imprisoned in South African apartheid like Bantustans. Hence, Israel under not only Netenyahu but under his immediate precedessors like Olmert and Livni, who breast fed on revisionist Zionism, and that fraud Shimoun Peres who also mouths pretty speeches about a two state solution without giving an inch of land, is intent in making Israel one country from the Mediterrean to the Jordan with a hostage population.
Unless the Obama administration forces Israel's hand by making substantive concessions, the two state solution is a thing of the past, a fleeting memory of things past

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