Thursday, February 5, 2009

Israel is going crazy

It has been obvious that Jerusalem is suffering from serious mental instability. It is obsessed by Hamas. Benjamin Nethanyahu boasts that if elected, he is going to smash Hamas into fine particules of dust. Now, today, the Israeli navy has sequested on open seas a Lebanese ship, Al Ikhwa [Brotherhood], carrying 60 tonnes of humanitarian supplies to the beleaguered civilian population of the Gaza Strip. Israel has long violated the terms of a truce accord brokered by its ally Egypt to allow much needed supplies for daily survival to Palestinians in Gaza. It never has. It is a law unto itself. It has blockaded tightly the Gaza strip, and has kept the people there on the edge of starvation. Israel is practising at one and the same time a pogram against Hamas and the people of Gaza who voted for it as the legitimate government of the Strip and a Warsaw like ghetto. Israel has learnt lessons well from two former oppressors of the Jews--Tsarist Russia and Nazi Germany.
It is clear that when it comes to Hamas, Israel is waging a war which echos the mad Kurtz in Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness'--'exterminate the beasts!'
The recent spat at Davos between the Turkish prime minister Erdogan and the Israeli president Peres has deep strategic repercussions for Israel. Erdogan spoke up for the helpless and hapless civilians of Gaza who have borne the brunt of Israeli's 21 day Blitzkrieg against Hamas. Peres went ballistic, and only later apologised to Erdogan for he realised the damage that he has caused the steadfast Muslim ally of 60year friendship. Now the single minded Israeli political and military establishment are rethinking its ties to Turkey. A friend's criticism of Israel's mad military pursuit of Hamas, now has turned Ankara into a less trustworthy ally, and Jerusalem is going to disengage slowly but surely.
Here's another indication of Israel's madness. It is isolating itself from the only true friend it has in the Middle East; it displays the maniacal pursuit of a military policy which itself admits that it can never eradicate Hamas. It can but the price is too's called genocide...but one is beginning to wonder if the extremists like Netanyahu and the secret Kach Liebermann get into government if the mad flies of insanity won't push them to the ultimate tragedy and destruction of the Jewish state?

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