Friday, February 6, 2009

Cheers for South Africa's dock workers!

South Africa's dock workers have taken industrial action against Israeli ships. In solidarity with the people of Gaza, they are refusing to unload ships carrying Israeli goods. South Africa's dock workers did the same thing when they refused to unload ships carrying arms to the Zimbabwe Mugabe's regime. They are acting out of human deceny and solidarity with a people who have just suffered a 21 day agression, and whose civilian population took the brunt of a mad Israeli policy against Hamas, which even the Israeli leadership--military and political--thought it could destroy. In brief, Israel broke international law through the use of collective punishment. Yesterday [05Feb2009], Israel's navy stopped on high seas a Lebanese ship from bringing supplies to the beleaguered Gazans. If Israel thinks that it can escape the world's sanction, it is wrong. It should be salt poured on the open sore of Israel's arrogance that it is workers at South African ports who are thumbing their noses at Jerusalem. South Africans recognise a racist regime having emerged from the dark years of apartheid, and they are not fooled by Israel's honeyed words trying to put a sweet taste to its own apartheid policy towards the Palestinians. Oh would other countries and other workers be as brave as the South African dock works, and boycott Israel till it changes its colonial policies towards the people of Palestine.

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