Saturday, January 17, 2009

Playing by its own rules...Israel & Hamas

The long awaited and hoped for cease fire may come to pass, it seems. Israel is calling the shots, and the US in a flexing of the muscles of strong power is falling into line with its marching orders. It looks now as though Israel's cabinet with vote for a unilateral cease fire of short duration...some say 10 days. In this way, it won't deal with Hamas; it won't lift the economic blockade; it will, however, keep its ground troops in the Gaza strip. In other words, the Palestinians in Gaza will continue to live in the Israeli imposed ghetto with all the hardships that we all know from the three weeks war Jerusalem is waging against Hamas. Translation: it is really carrying out a policy of slow death and massive destruction. It is playing out the mad message at the end of Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness', to wit, 'exterminate the beast'. This is so obvious that the world has turned a blind idea to the real goal Israel has pursued against Palestinians, and is root and branch part of Zionism.
Did you catch on the television US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice exchanging 'bisou' with Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni in Washington after each signed a protocol by which the US will further arm Israel with the latest sophisticated military materiel, whilst hypocritically condemning Hamas for arming itself against the Israeli invader?
The world will again pay a heavy price for ignoring the destruction of a people like it did when it did little against the Shoah in Europe.

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