Sunday, January 25, 2009

BBC 'deux mesures, deux poids' -- raising money for Gaza

The British Broadcasting System [BBC] have scotched any televised fund raising to come to the aid and comfort of the Palestinians in the Gaza strip, in the wake of the terror bombing and destruction by Israel. Were the shoe on the other foot, would they ban raising funds for Israel? Probably not. So here again we face an example of double standards, when it comes to the Palestinians. Are the BBC afraid that the monies raised would fund Hamas'war objectives? The short answer is yes. Israel's shock and awe aerial warfare against the Palestinian population, has left the strip almost bombed back to year zero, but not quite. It is reminiscent of the Jerry bombing of Conventry during world war 2, or the allied bombings of Hamburg, Dresden, and Rotterdam. How much pressure did Israel put on Whitehall or 10 Downing street? Have the new Labour government donned the same cloak of self righteousness that Tony Blair did when he sided with fabricated evidence allowing Bush to invade Iraq? It would do BBC much good were it to espouse the timeless British tradition of fair play in allowing monies to be raised for the victims of Israel's agression in Gaza.

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