Sunday, October 24, 2010

Perfidious Netenyahu

Israel's prime minister Binjamin Netenyahu leads with his right in 'negotiations' with the Palestian Authority. He preaches 'do as I say, not as I do'.
Now, he is calling on the PA to be 'realistic':instead of appealing to the international community, PA president Mahmud Abbas should put life into a moribund peace process which Netenyahu has effectively buried without much fanfare.
The reason is easy to understand. Abbas & co. realise that talking to perfidious Netenyahu won't result in a state called 'Palestine'. Recognition of a Palestinian state by the almost 200 members of the United Nations give the PA strong leverage on Israel to abandon plans to illegally colonise the West Bank that it has continued to colonise since 1967.
The right wing and nationalist Likud government have bargained in bad faith, the more especially since it refuses to continue a freeze on construction of illegal Israeli settlements on the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem.
It is the height of hypocrisy for Netenyahu to ask the PA to live up to its public statements whilst he violates his own.
What is clear: the US is a weak, ineffective midwife to deliver a two state solution. It is obvious that Israeli illegal possession of Palestinian land renders impossible the creation of a viable Palestine. Simply, if you look at a map, the eye immediately seizes on the fact that there is no contiguous Palestinian territory. Palestine is nothing but a patchwork of isolated islands in a Jewish sea of colonisers.
The late Tony Judt thought that the two state solution would end up on the dustheap. In its place, an Israel more Arab and Muslim than Jewish. In one sense, he saw correctly.
On the other hand, he missed what Noam Chomsky sees: this MIT emeritus professor has long felt that Israel wouldn't absorb a population which would overwhelm a Jewish majority. The eminent linguist assumed that Israel would isolate the disjointed Palistinain territory in Bantustan fashion. And unfortunately, he may be right.
[The living mummy Ariel Sharon first publicly used the term; for him, the isolated islands of Palestinians as Bantustans would render them forever to Israeli control and dependency, without recourse to Israeli courts for redress or appeal to international right historical wrongs.]

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