Saturday, July 10, 2010

Israel tells Libya to behave responably! Proof of the paper tiger Israel fright and weakness!

Ain't that a kick in the head? Israel lecturing Libya on acting responsably.
Here are the words of the hypocritical Israeli ambassador Gabriela Shalev: 'Israel calls upon the international community to exert its influence on the government of Libya to demonstrate responsibility and prevent the ship [al Amal (hope in Arabic)from departing to the Gaza Strip.'
That's 'chutzpath' for you! Israel with its hands still dripping with blood for its piratical assault on the Peace Flotilla heading for Gaza with much needed supplies to feed the Palestinians on a weak tea diet which Israel keeps them on the edge of hunger and precocious starvation; non military building supplies which Israel denies Gazans after the 'Tsahal' [Israel Defence Force] brought death and destruction during its 3 week pre emptive war of collective punishment dubbed 'cast lead', resulting in hundreds of civilian deaths and reducing the Strip's infrastructure to 'l'annee zero'[year zero], calling on the world community to stay Tripoli's humanitarian gesture. And this in the light of bully Israel's murder of 9 Turks on the Flotilla's 'Mavi Marmara'.
Hypocrisy, yes. But it's more: it's Israel's arrogance, on one hand; on the other, the willingness of the Libyan 'Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation's' avowed determination to 'head to Gaza for purely humanitarian reasons'...'without intention to provoke anyone or to seek media attention'.
The Gaddafi charity had chartered a Moldavan ship with a Greek crew to bring in 2000 tonnes of aid in the form of much needed foodstuff and medications, to Gaza thereby testing Israel's right to maintain a blockade not only on land but on sea to the Israeli imposed Warsaw like ghetto in the Gaza Strip.
Imagine the burning of midnight oils in Israel's prime minister office and foreign ministry! Imagine, too, the fear of war should Israel attack a Libyan chartered vessel renamed 'al Amal' [hope, in Arabic], by the son of Libya's leader Col. Gaddifi!
The racist Moldavan born Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman must have been talking pretty fast on the telephone with his counterpart in Chişinău [Kishniev], trying to pressure the country of his birth to not allow 'al Amal' to leave Greek ports. Imagine, too, the sweat and urgency trying to twist Athens' arm to keep 'al Amal' in port. All to no good since the vessel was going to sea.
Although no word is out, GuamDiary is willing to bet a pence, the US was applying strong pressure to avoid a repeat of the 'Mavi Marmara' killings on the Mediterrean which bully Israel, like Mussolini, considers 'mare nostrum' [our sea]. [Let's not lose sight of the Bibi & Barack show a few days ago in Washington at the White House. A kiss & make up photo op, on an unstable balance of a seesaw. Washington couldn't think of a greater disaster than the 'Mavi Marmara' for its client state Israel!]
The lights of chancellaries in Washington, Jerusalem, Athens, Chişinău, Tripoli, Cairo, and the UN and also be out guest to think of London, Berlin, and Paris, to add a bit of zest to this messy soup to thwart the Qaddifi foundation from its appointed round of aid and comfort for the Palestinians imprisoned in Israel's land and sea blockade of the Gaza Strip.
In the end, 'al Amal' will dock in al Arish in Egypt. And the cargo will not undergo Israel's self proclaimed right to inspect it and if it meets Israeli imposed standards sent on at a snail's pace to Gazans, assuming they would receive every last item because Israel sees a 'weapon' in any aid.
In the immediate term Israel's sea blockade obtains. Yet challenges are sure to abound in the ensuing months.
In the more longer standpoint, we are seeing Israel for the paper tiger that she is! Israel can attack and kill and main defenceless peaceniks but what to do with vessels carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, and chartered and backed by the full prestigious of a state?
Is Israeli willing to go to war against an evenly matched opponent? Will the US stay Israel's hand?
Iran has announced its intention of sending ships with foodstuffs and medications and much needed medical material and construction supplies to rebuild a shattered infrastructure. Will Israel attack Tehran? Something it has been itching to do for years now.
Israel's protector the US should be in a perpetual sweat for its ill conceived and ill chosen support of its client. Will it be willing now to declare war against the Arab and Muslim world to support a vain, mindless Israel?
Let's hope not!

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