Saturday, February 6, 2010

Butcher Hu Jintao issues orders

Buther Hu Jintao, once Beijing proconsul in Tibet, ordered US president Barack Obama [BHO] not to meet China's nemesis the Dalai Lama.
In late 2009, the silly goose who is president of the US, civilised as he is to the point of correctness, refused to receive the Dalai Lama, in another foreign policy misstep, because BHO was going to meet Butcher Hu on Chinese soil.
BHO had much to talk to the Chinese president about, he didn't want to make unnecessary waves. BHO's talks didn't produce much. The Chinese Communist leaders read him as a fool, thereby hidding behind polite formulae of gossamer weightiness, but yielding nothing of substance on currency reform, Iran, North Korea, so on and on.
Butcher Hu in issuing his tsarist like ukase warning that receiving the Dalai Lama at the White House would damage Sino US relations, shows a side of an arrogant China flexing the growing strength of its economic clout. Capitalist China has become a caricature of its 'socialist' persona, and is exhibiting the monstrous ego that the once dominant British, French, or Dutch paraded when they had the world at their 'command'.
Monster China, now the economic engine hauling the dead weight of the west's economy and cracking the whip to the west's finance capitalists, cannot escape the burdens of capitalism. It is turning imperialist as the beads of sand flow effortlessly in the hourglass of history.
BHO rebuffed Hu. He showed a slight stiffening of his backbone, which gained stronger posture by selling more sophisticated arms to Taiwan, albeit of a more strictly defensive nature. A move calculated to nettle Butcher Hu & co. To add more injury to an inflated China's pride, it upped the import tax on China's good, which sent Beijing crying foul.
Of course Butcher Hu & co. think what's good for its goose is not good for others' ganders. Wrong. Strong as Butcher Hu may think of China, it always has a blind side which it cannot see; an Achilles heel waiting for a spear to poison it.
Butcher Hu & co. view BHO and the US as China's foremost adversary. They will do business with it as long as it profits Beijing. In other words, there is no peace and friendship. Peace there is as long as it benefits China, no more, no less.
Butcher Hu may think the world's China's oyster but he is 'con comme ses pieds', as the French would say. And ain't that the truth!

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