Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Creature comforts for Tibetans!

After more than a half century of brutal colonial rule, China's Hu Jintao, president of People's China, has come up with a solution to taming a restive Tibetan population bristling under Beijing's heavy thumb.Give them the creature comforts of bourgeois life, no less!
GuamDiary simply likes to ask, what has taken Hu so long to come up with this genial idea? He after all was the Communist party's pro consul who lorded it over Tibet with brutality and unrelenting harshness; he helped sinicising Tibet through the massive influx of Han settlers; he was part of a central government plan, to amputate Tibet's hold on heavy areas of Tibetans, by remapping them into two or three Chinese provinces, to break the loyalty they hold for the Dalai Lama in exile.
What makes the smug Mr. Hu so sure creature comforts can buy off Tibet which the naked iron fist of the military and particularly him as satrap could not do?
This carrot has come too late. It is an act of desperation and indirectly an admission that China has lost the heart and mind of the Tibetan people!n
Will Mr. Hu recommend a similar tack for Xinjiang? The Qyghurs won't be any less duped than the Tibetans.
When it comes to swaggering around like a colonialist or an imperialist, Hu Jintao & co. join a long list of countries who walked in the tried and tired tacks of repression even going to extermination. China is a proud member of this club!

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