Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama just doesn't get it when it comes to North Korea

US president Barack Obama sort of gets Iran. He has taken the high moral ground on the post election demonstrations there. He preaches caution and patience. [Of course in the corridors of Washington, rumour has it, the US and Iran are already in discussions on the nuclear issue. So, it matters little, who wins the current struggle for power in Tehran, it seems.]
When it comes to North Korea, Mr. Obama sees red. He has little patience for the likes of Kim Jong il; he is looking for his pound of flesh from Pyongyang. Now, using the UN Security Council resolution 1758, the US navy is tracking a North Korean vessel 'suspected' of holding in its hold nuclear technology or advanced rocketry components, without a shred of proof.
Additionally secretary of defence Robert Gates has upped the colour of danger for the islands of Hawaii after Pyongyang announced a forthcoming launch of a long range missile. [Washington forgets that Pyongyang gives a tit for a tat. As Guam Diary has long argued the current standoff between the US and North Korea stems from Mr. Obama's moves to sanction Pyongyang for the launch of a telecommunication satellite on a long range rocket in early April 2009. And everything things since then can be traced back to the American president poor judgment on dealing with North Korea. In fact, he brushed aside China's whispered words of caution and advice. Which plainly is to go piano piano. In other words, use patience. He didn't. And so....]
Aided and abetted by the media, Mr. Obama, leaning on the advice of his military and political advisors for a strong stance towards North Korea, has allowed the drums of war to beat strong and stronger warnings of a possible confrontation.
Hawaii is not in danger of an attack from North Korea. The cargo on the North Korean vessel probably doesn't hold WMD [weapons of mass destruction...again that red herring from the Bush days], yet armed with the UN resolution Mr. Obama is intent on intimidating North Korea. North Korea won't blink.
So here we are, we've yet another American president looking for a fight. He's not content in waging two in Iraq, the other in Afghanistan...which look open ended and a sieve of men, materiel, and money longing to bankrupt the US economy...he's now itching to open a third front.
Guam Diary scratches its head. How blind can Mr. Obama be? Well in a way Coleridge's 'Ozimandias' [sic] tells it all...the desert sands are the graveyard for national hubris. Is there no one in Mr. Obama's circle with commonsense to say this emperor wears no clothes when it comes to dealing with North Korea?

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