Sunday, May 3, 2009

Netenyahu's pipedream of Palestinians' economic security

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netenyahu is sending his extreme right wing foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman on a mission to Europe, to ally fears of Israeli's neglect of its obligations to a two state solution and neglect of Palestinians' economic well being. Even before his aeroplane takes off from the ground, Lieberman is beating Netenyahu's hollow drum that Jerusalem repudiates the Annapolis Accords, whereby Israel would work with the Palestinians on sculpting out a two state solution. Instead, Lieberman is offering up the puny donkey prize of working towards improving Palestinians' economic condition...[pause]...on condition that it doesn't compromise Israel's security. So behind this sham off of butter for an end to Palestinian resistance, passive or active, Jerusalem is re iterating the law of the jungle of its own making where it is king. This charade will allow Israel to illegally gobble up more and more of land on the west bank, impose a draconian embargo on allowing Gaza to feed and rebuild itself after Israel's 22 day blitzkrieg, punishing war, to destablise the lawful Hamas government. The Israeli wolf in sheep's clothing fools no one. The Europeans are weary of supporting Netenyahu's poisoned apple, and US president Obama won't bite.
Israel is simply stating more boldly and with complete contempt for international and its own laws. It is behaving like dictators who strutted across the world's scene in the 1930's.
Israel can exist but barely without the utter generosity of the US taxpayer and its supporters in the US. And president Obama's security team is also growing short on patience and wanting to put behind it Washington total support for anything Israel does. So, time is not on Netenyahu's side. He knows it. Lieberman is on a promotional tour which will produce long fire, and ultimately fizzle out. The geopolitical tide is withdrawing from Israel's shore, and the sooner it realises it the sooner the two states of Israel and Palestine can coexist, albeit in an abbreviated territory for the later.

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