Monday, March 2, 2009

Rebuilding Gaza? America's dilemma

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has had encouraging words about reconstruction aid to Gaza. She spoke warmly of the Palestinian Authority which is a weak reed and has no real authority in Gaza. She is very careful to point out that the aid which will more or less end up in UN relief organisations hand, will not go to the wrong parties. Translation, Hamas is out of the picture. How can that be when the legitimate governing authority in Gaza is Hamas? So is Mrs Clinton playing a game of pass pass and mystification? Maybe. It is quite clear that Mr Obama's policy towards the Palestine/Israeli question is either at 'point mort' or in transition or in utter confusion. It is quite clear even to the legally blind that in order to untangle the question, Hamas has to and ought to be a party to any settlement. But that doesn't seem to be on Washington's table. And so the saga of Jerusalem's subordination of Palestinians aspirations remains paramount, the more especially since it has announced the illegal settlement of 70.000 Jews on the west bank. The US once again is acting with a coward's courage, and is banging another nail into the two states solutions coffin. Jerusalem as Guamdiary continually sings, is sealing the fate of Zionism and putting it ultimately into the cemetary [sic] of colonial history, along side of Britain and France, Spain and Portugal, and a US failure in Vietnam. And that remains America's dilemma which is of its own making and short sightedness and stupidity.

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